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Close Kitchen Doors and Unleash Your Power

Ritual & Ceremony Prime the Pump of Manifestation

On a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Esalen, a group of twenty five wrote down their wishes, hopes, and dreams on a scrap of paper.  Then passing a candle and a bag of tobacco each person burned their paper and tossed it and a pinch of tobacco into the sea.   The group dispersed and went their separate ways. It sounds banal and quaint to modern, scientific minds.  What affect could that possibly have in manifesting something in the ‘real’ world?  A lot in my experience.    Ritual is an essential aspect of my life.  Perhaps it is because I am a recovering Catholic but it works.
Many years ago suffering a painful break-up,  I went to Hawaii to assuage my pain.  One day on the coast of Kauai, sitting on a lava rock I wrote a letter of good-bye and a prayer of well wishing for her and myself.  Burning incense, the letters, and a photo, I wallowed in my tears.   When it was over, I was done with it.  Upon returning home, the next Sunday at church I met my next girlfriend.  Coincidenc…

Take Your Time with Transitions

Throughout my life I have carried a certain social stigma that shows up at any group social function; parties, family dinners, group meetings.  When the event is over my first inclination is to leave, split, adios and go on to whatever is next.  This character defect once was so bad a close friend confided in me, 'what happened to you all of a sudden? You said good bye and you were gone.'  Uh, yes it was time to go.  What is not easy for me is the ambiguous nature of endings and therefore beginnings.  The party ends and now it is time to begin the drive home.  This was reinforced in a thirty year career in education where everyone's day is run by the bells, when it rings you go.  Period.  The shift in work focus as marked by so-called retirement has been a radical lesson on becoming comfortable with the meandering and gradual nature of transitions.

Transitions take a lot longer than we ever expect.  In this century we are conditioned to expect things to change rapidly in t…