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Ravi's Magic Carpet of Passion

The familiar, high pitched voice welcomed the audience in his clipped Indian English dialect with self-effacing humility how we may not recognize him now with his long white beard.  At 91, he is thin and walks with a cane and assistance but once seated in the familiar cross legged posture and his hands wrap around the sitar, he exudes passion and energy with skill that is undiminished by time.  Weaving his spell around seemingly familiar but unknown to this listener, ragas and classical music of India, the crowd instantly becomes still and silent.   A combination of concert, spiritual pilgrimage, and coming together of the tribe, the concert at Disney Hall in Los Angeles, seemed to be a miracle.   Twice postponed, it stretched the mind that this unlikely avatar of our youth was actually here and was going to play.  And play he did.  He and his ensemble sat on carpets that became magical, that we rode to a place that peeked into the timeless, the eternal, the unity of life.  In the Six…