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Catching the Wave in the Last Third

This year it was easy, I didn't have to fly across the country but simply got on the Santa Monica Freeway and drove downtown to the convention.  Either way, it was a chance to meet a far flung tribe where I learned: how to document the stories of my life techniques of repacking my lifethe value of having an empathetic ear in relationships the importance of following the unknown path before mehow many steps & and how many calories it takes to view a convention And that was sandwiched in between; the joy of free shopping bags, water bottles, ear plugsthe excitement of driving a fast race carthe uninhibited and joyful exercise of zumba playing in a drum circlethe wisdom and insights of a well-educated all time great NBA starenergy and synergy of thousands of Boomers who aren't done yet And of course, so much more.  Where the hell did I get such a cacophony of experiences?  AARP's 50+ annual convention in Los Angeles.  I am a dreamer AND a realist and the bottom line is th…

Finding and Riding the Flow of Life

Relaxing into my first soak in the storied hot baths at Esalen and I heard a cry out from a young woman surrounded by several naked soakers.  She said, “What does your tattoo mean?”  I explained and she said, "Oh yes.  I too am a follower of that.”  A few minutes passed while I gazed out to the undulating Pacific Ocean and its forest of underwater kelp.  Then a different young woman says that she too was a student of that certain spiritual philosophy.  A lively and animated conversation developed and before I knew it she was suggesting a visit to a restaurant where she works in Berkeley.   My response, "of course" (while in my usual indecisive, non-committal mind I was thinking maybe). 
Energized and clear after a week at Esalen, I drove to Berkeley and planned to spend one night.  The next day I went to the CafĂ© Gratitude where the young woman in the tub worked.  My friend on this ride was challenging, "Why do you want to go there?  Are you hitting on that girl?” …

Didgeridoo Exposes in the Baths