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Reggae Colors = STOP, LOOK, GO @ the Bowl

The crowd of fifteen thousand was on its 30,000 feet and singing along with the performers to a song that was a hit forty years ago.  Looking around you could see 70ish couples and newlywed twenty somethings with their infant.  In my row, a group of apparent Polynesian ancestry had two full ice chests of beer and across the walk way was a stylishly dressed woman in her 60s who was caring for and dancing with a man in a wheel chair.  After nearly three hours, the crowd roared as one for the encore by the band whose origin was in the 1960s and included son of reggae icon Bob Marley and his mother Rita Marley.  It was a transcendent moment that expressed Marley’s vision of one love, one heart, one people.   Here in the nearly one hundred year old amphitheater, it felt like the walls of our social categories  were thrown down and life was exposed in its core.  Separation by ethnicity, age, class were all left at the turnstiles and we were together.  Drawn together by a music that proclaim…

Achievement For the Fun of It

At my local, non-chain coffee house, there is a man in his sixties who reports to ‘work’ every day, yes every day, Monday through Sunday and intently scribbles equations with pencil and calculator.  His preferred seat is a table near the window because the light is better.  He arrives every morning around 8 am, goes home for lunch, and returns for the afternoon shift.  The ultimate meaning and connection of everything in the universe is the topic of his project.  Preparing for publication in academic journals, his focus is consistent.  After he completes the calculations, he enters it into digital form at home.  Even though he does not have a PhD, he is intent on achieving his goal of publishing this paper in a respected scientific journal.  He does not seek fame, he has no academic credentials to burnish, and he doesn’t expect any financial return on the effort.  The sole purpose of his work is the work itself or pure achievement.  In our many long discussions about his calculations …