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Karma Pays Off in Music to My Ears

Listen to the Youth and Receive the Boon

Sitting in the garden at the isolated, spiritual hot springs retreat center and riding the wave of tasty lyrics and sweet guitar picking, I noticed a young guy in blonde dreads beaming from ear to ear.  The singer was a fellow Boomer, a woman with short salt and pepper hair and a relaxed demeanor.  After a concert last night in the Temple, where the solo guitarist hit the crowd of spiritual retreatants with his own unique blend of Carlos Santana and Jai Uttal by way of the Amazon jungle, this thoughtful and peaceful music was a pleasant shift.  She did several songs that bespoke the wisdom of more than a few years of life on the road less traveled.
A thought popped in about the young guy and how cool it was that in this place all generations are present and welcome (except teens who seemed to be self-excluded).  The special blend of an ancient, 19th century healing waters resort and 1970s back to the land spiritual seekers has manifested secular, new age, hip resort in the mountains ab…