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Even Wild Animals Don't Like Cages

The day is long as it approaches the Summer Solstice.  Sun shines most of the day and I spy the desert tortoise coming out from his hibernation.  Like that tortoise, I am awaking and practicing a new mindfulness about my hibernations or distractions.   Sometimes they are necessary activities, such as cleaning the house or washing clothes.  They must be done.  But there are other tasks that are not so clear cut;  a web search on the eleven children of Bob Marley, a conversation with a passing neighbor, or even a trip to Trader Joe's.  But is it the highest and best use of my time?  Is it something that is aligned with my purpose?  Is it a project that is fun?  Is it more than busy work?  A typical response from most people when they are asked how they are is 'keeping busy.'  Is busy its own reward?  Certainly was not in prehistoric times.  Skylarking (Jamaican slang) or taking it easy was a major part of the day.  It was time to commune with others and nature.  Time to be m…

The Past Points to a Long Life

Returning to my favorite quickie getaway recharge town in the Mojave desert (Yucca Valley), I discovered the long shuttered coffee lounge is reopened.  Minor structural and decor' changes have occurred but its essential classic 40s architecture remains.  Pleasantly surprised after missing it for over a year, I ordered my coffee and quiche and went outside to enjoy the warm desert air. I started the day running into the annual Memorial Day parade on the main street, starring soldiers from the nearby 29 Palms Marine base.  Slightly peeved at the inconvenience, I did my ritual walk of the labyrinth at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.   After saluted the seven directions at the medicine wheel, I found my way to the intersection of 29 Palms Hiway and Pioneertown Road.   I fully intended on driving home the long way through Landers and eventually to Deep Creek Hot Springs for a long hike.  But my tentative plan ran into a greater purpose.
Sighting a small, older man in deep concentration …