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Got to Build My Life on a Strong Foundation

Gazing at my back yard in Santa Monica, CA, my thoughts wandered to another non-professional builder who worked in his backyard.  Carl Jung would repair to his stone tower on the shores of Lake Zurich at his home in Bollingen, Switzerland.  There he would paint mystical images, speculate on ancient rituals, and write books.  Although Jung was a man of great intellect, who along with his former mentor Freud, towers over 20th Century psychology,  he is reported to have inscribed each stone in his tower with signs and symbols that reflected his theories on universal archetypes, the collective unconscious, animus/ anima, and many others.  Not only inscribing the stones, he also had a major hand in the physical building of the massive castle.  Begun in 1922 upon the death of his mother and regularly added to until the death of his wife in 1955, he believed that a physical activity released the unconscious and yielded great insights (for more on Jung's tower). Jung conducted a lifelong …

Savor the Flavor and Take Step One

A few days ago I attended a meditation group that I hadn’t been to for a few months.  In this circle there is a round of updating and sharing around topics where we are facing an edge, a aspect of challenge or growth.  I spoke about my relationship to living in L.A. and where I stand right now with that and other areas of my life.  A couple days later it was reported to me that I seemed clear, calm, and grounded.  At the time, I did not feel unusual but that reflection highlighted shift that has been brewing for awhile.  The shift is about my relationship with myself and my circumstances.  It seems to be a sweet spot that is infused with a sense of acceptance of my life as it is and at the same time, and a clarity about the trajectory of my plans.  Taking the time to imbibe the sweet nectar of this time since retiring from the school district has yielded an unintended result; patience and acceptance.  My job pattern for twenty seven years was to learn the skills of a particular job an…