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Taylor Camp: Free Expression as Community

Wiping Out and Getting Back on the Board

Bending over to pick up a bag, I felt a shooting pain from my upper arm into the shoulder.  Instantly I knew it was back, the shoulder strain injured almost a month ago in Hawaii.  Two days later the doctor’s diagnosis?  Muscle strain.  Treatment?  Rest and ibuprofen.  How many times have I heard that since I turned 50?  Having been an athletic type all my life the aches and pains show up regularly and unexpectedly.  This one started after stand up paddle surfing in Waikiki.  Strangely, it was not a specific incident but the strain of the hour in the water.  Two nights later I awoke in the middle of the night with a throbbing pain in my right shoulder.  Only a regular regimen of pain killers got me through the next ten days.  Then the doctor prescribed the rest and ibuprofen regimen.  “Just don’t do anything that hurts,” he admonished me.  Feeling pretty good I went to the gym and did minor stretches and lifting.  Picking up the light gym bag and the strain came back.  Although there …

RAM Dass: His Message is No Longer His Words

A standing ovation by the audience of 150 in a yoga studio in Maui welcomed the noted spiritual seeker/ teacher.  His nickname was formerly Rent A Mouth for his professional skill in storytelling.  Tonight the stories were intact but his speech was severely hampered. Due to stroke induced aphasia each word had to slowly cross over from thought into speech.  Although, his concepts were lucid and clear his speaking was labored.  Each sentence was ten times longer than normal speaking speed.  We heard tales of the old days at Harvard with his running bud of the time, Tim Leary.  And old chestnuts about Neem Karoli Baba, his guru.  New tidbits about his long and very public life emerged from the winding country road that is now his speech.  Stories about the time they were tripping and he made a spectacle of himself in front of his parents shoveling snow in the middle of the night.  Miraculously, he weaved a cogent thread on the topic of spiritual liberation through tales of his life over…