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Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Last week I was en route to Honolulu with a stopover in Maui.  Arriving at the gate about an hour early, I was offered a seat on the earlier flight.  It has probably happened to most of us.  Sometimes there are limiting circumstances which prevent changing and we have to take a pass.  I was ahead of the schedule and I could get to my destination earlier, but they said my bag would arrive on the later flight.  Something inside said, ‘just go keep moving in the direction of the wind.'  I did and fully expected to wait at the Honolulu Airport another hour for my bag.  I arrived and then figured I could make use of my time and get the rental car while waiting for my luggage.  I walked out to the median to pick up the shuttle and then my guidance said, ‘go back inside and check for the bag.’  I went back to baggage claim and there it was.  I was listening and trusting to the unseen.  Sometimes it is called guidance, intuition, insight, god’s word, you name it but it does not come from the analytic thinking brain.

Small thing?  Yes, but it is an example of how to work with our intuition and find the ‘flow.’  A close friend of mine says flow happens after practice and more practice.  In this case, I interpret that to be exercising the trust muscle.  In my mind I knew there was no risk, my plan was set and therefore I had total trust that stuff would work out.  Because of this confidence I could take the intuitive action without risk. 

Another example:  Last night we were walking downtown Honolulu after dinner on the way to a local jazz joint.  The idea popped in to walk down an alternative street and we did and discovered a jazz band at a totally different club.  It was great and we never bothered to go to the first place.  Catching the scent of jazz in the tropical air, with again, relaxed confidence. 

No doubt these kinds of incidents are happening all the time and we don’t pay attention.  What if we strengthen our trust of the unseen, unknown, and unconscious?  Working up from these minor cases of intuition into bigger and bolder moves could benefit our business investments or relationship options.  At the moment, I am getting ready to make plans for an extended foreign trip.  I had done my due diligence by researching the tours and flight options to that area.  This is priming the pump to that possibility.  In the past couple weeks, since that investigation I have had three signs pointing in that direction; 1) An email from a friend in Europe out of nowhere saying he has a contact in that rarely traveled country, 2)  A book based on the spirituality of its indigenous people mention in a sermon by a minister, and 3)  My all time favorite song in their language randomly played on my MP3 player which elicited an outburst of tears. 

Coincidence?  Power of attraction?  Could be.  We give things meaning and perhaps I was paying more attention to these occurrences but so what?  Leaning into those signs I feel am following my deeper, unconscious desires.   To paraphrase Bob Dylan, we know which way to point our lives. 

By the fifth decade of life we have spent many years developing and relying on our thinking, planning, and analytic brain.  And for most of us it has rewarded us with some financial security, skill in our careers, and understanding of the material world.  The need for this kind of thinking is obvious.  At this stage, growing our intuitive brain can yield reward in life vitality.  There is the tendency to do things the way we always have.  If we do, we risk is to getting stuck in habitual patterns and missing refreshing experiences.  Expansion and fulfillment is available when we open to the other messages that don’t compute in the left brain.   Why not take a spin with our hands off the wheel and see where the flow takes us?


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