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Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows

Last week I was en route to Honolulu with a stopover in Maui.  Arriving at the gate about an hour early, I was offered a seat on the earlier flight.  It has probably happened to most of us.  Sometimes there are limiting circumstances which prevent changing and we have to take a pass.  I was ahead of the schedule and I could get to my destination earlier, but they said my bag would arrive on the later flight.  Something inside said, ‘just go keep moving in the direction of the wind.'  I did and fully expected to wait at the Honolulu Airport another hour for my bag.  I arrived and then figured I could make use of my time and get the rental car while waiting for my luggage.  I walked out to the median to pick up the shuttle and then my guidance said, ‘go back inside and check for the bag.’  I went back to baggage claim and there it was.  I was listening and trusting to the unseen.  Sometimes it is called guidance, intuition, insight, god’s word, you name it but it does not come from …

Busting Free and into Community

Racing down the ski hill, wind in my face, and muscle memory kicks in.  I suddenly realized that the ski run is like my life.  Constant corrections, unconscious corrections, skillful corrections that fire like cylinders in a car.  Up down, left right, forward back.  And before I know it, I am at the bottom of the hill. Hardly a conscious thought occurred, the ride was a thrill and I got to where I wanted.  Trust is a slippery thing.  I have a high degree of trust in my skiing ability.  Even at this age I am confident going down this easy hill.  I used to get bored with this kind of mountain, no challenge.  Finding those nooks and crannies of trust embedded in our bodies and souls can point in the direction of a fulfilling day.   
That day on the ski hill started because I was stuck.  Stuck like a cat chasing its tail.  Going around and around in circles with less and less energy.   Getting less and less done.  Finally, I tired of my excuses and jumped in the car and got on the freeway…