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Turn Fantasies to Realities

Last week I met a creative friend at the local writer’s cafĂ©.  He had just returned from the UK and was ready to roll out his new documentary film.  Our conversation sparked some exciting ideas for promoting the film around the country.  I was excited about the prospects and the plan and before committing to a support role in the project, I deferred and requested a time out to reflect on it.  A day later while soaking in my backyard hot tub the nub of my doubt was around my desire to be the principal or partner in a project, not an assistant.  I was a loyal employee for almost thirty years and when the boss said jump, I said “how high?”  So I had a serious case of ‘been there, done that.’ In the digging down to the marrow was the answer.  I have a vision, I have a dream and that is what I need to do. Moving into new passions, activities, and work in the time of Boomerang challenges most people on many levels.  Creativity boils down to taking authorship of one’s life.  True creativity c…

A Boomer Turns 61:

Yesterday at the Rose Parade among the prancing horses, the marching bands, regal hand waving celebrities, and the cotton candy hawking vendors one of the dozen flower bedecked floats riveted my attention.  A rumbling disquiet emerged from my psychic core, a rumbling laden with foreboding.  Visually the float was kind of  typical, not filled with dancing girls and erupting volcanoes, but packing an explosive message.  It depicted an old time railroad passenger car with a bunch of middle aged people smiling in anticipation of their destination.  Emblazoned on the side was the name; Boomer Express 1946.   My first thought was YES!... Celebrate the generation of anti-war protest demonstrations, free love hippie bacchanals, and social liberation (blacks, women, gays).   But alas, none of those impactful and well known markers of the generation was recognized.  In white (as in pushing up the daisies) flowers was the terse and threatening phrase, One in Eight--sponsored by the Alzheimer Ass…