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Pre-dawn Urban Safari

There was a chill in the air as we walked to the local artist’s cafĂ© in the pre-dawn dark.  My co-conspirator and fellow writer. the Ravendove and I made a pact to break open a new creative window and then see what escaped.  At 4 am there is not much happening at the place, one older guy drawing with colored pencils and a group of four chatty, young people apparently pulling an all nighter.  Finding an agreeable table in the quietude was easy, not like during the day when the place is filled with single individuals and their laptops.  At this hour a vibe of mystery lays heavy and the 70s funk music adds to it in the background.    Our plan was to look at the same old, same old with new eyes.  Eyes that might see new and different stories without the overlay of habit and pattern.  
We sure did see different stories; the guy doing an intense calisthenic work-out on the boardwalk, the homeless sleeping on the beach 100 yards apart, the go-getter vendors staking their place on the boardwal…